Cauliflower and Tofu Curry tomatoes tofu stew rice curry cauliflower   When I was a kid curry flavours were intimidating exotic and strong-smelling. Which is such a shame, because as an adult I’ve grown to love curry and I can’t help but think of all the years I missed. If only I had been more adventurous.

I guess to make up for my hesitation, I have been subjecting my kids to curry for a long while. I’m grateful I started early – because these kids will actually ask for curries for dinner. The aromas will usually draw one – or two – of them into the kitchen while they wait for dinner to finish.
My curry love aside, most curries are veggie filled bowls of healthy goodness making them a smart mom choice for family dinner. This quick Cauliflower and Tofu Curry is no exception. My favourite thing about this dish is its incredible simplicity – hardly more than 5 ingredients (none too exotic) that come toogether to make something just really good.

Cauliflower and Tofu Curry tomatoes tofu stew rice curry cauliflower   If you have a rice cooker this is a great time to use it. I start the rice as I walk in the door after work. The curry itself falls together rather quickly after that.  This is great for kids because it’s not too spicy. Of course if you wanted something spicier — use a hot red curry paste, or add some cayenne or a crush red chilli. The tofu will benefit from being pressed before you stir it into the sauce, but it’s not totally necessary since we are not frying here, the tofu will remain soft anyways. Not including water and oil, there is like 5 ingredients. Serve with rice, or even some store-bought naan bread. I like some lime juice and little green onion on top of mine, but this is optional and you can totally skip if you want.

Yields 4

Cauliflower and Tofu Curry

a mild and easy to throw together curry. A good recipe to introduce the kids to curry spices and flavours

15 minPrep Time

20 minCook Time

35 minTotal Time

Cauliflower and Tofu Curry tomatoes tofu stew rice curry cauliflower   Save Recipe
Cauliflower and Tofu Curry tomatoes tofu stew rice curry cauliflower


  • 1 tablespoons coconut oil, heated on medium high heat,
  • 1 medium yellow onion, small dice
  • 500g package of firm tofu, drained and pressed for 30 minutes and then cut into cubes
  • 2 heaping Tbsp of Thai Kitchen Red Curry Paste
  • 1 head of cauliflower cut into bite sized chunks
  • 1 398ml can of fire roasted diced tomatoes
  • 1-1/2 cups of water or stock
  • for garnish (optional):
  • a lime cut into wedges
  • green onions, thinly sliced
  • fresh cilantro or mint roughly chopped


  1. in a large, deep frying pan or dutch oven - you need a pot with a lid - heat oil over medium heat. Add onions and saute about 5 minutes. While you wait cube the tofu and rough chop the cauliflower.
  2. When onions are tender stir in the curry paste and then add the tofu. Stir to incorporate the seasonings evenly. Add the cauliflower, tomatoes and water. Stir well to combine and bring to a boil (the vegetables will not be fully submerged), reduce heat and cover with pot lid. Simmer for about 20 minutes or until cauliflower is tender. Remove lid and increase heat slightly to allow the curry to simmer and reduce slightly. The sauce will thicken. Serve over white rice or with Naan bread. Garnish with lime wedges, green onions or cilantro.
Recipe Type: stew