First, let’s talk about what I’m not eating…..

I’ve been following a bit of a detox diet since January 1st.  The plan is fairly restrictive – no dairy, no gluten, no soy, no corn, no sugar, no peanuts, no eggs. It is not intended to be a vegetarian plan – but I’m doing my darnest to keep it veggie. I’m just focusing of whole foods – lots of produce and whole – whole grains.  I don’t mean whole grain toast, I mean quinoa and brown rice kind of whole grains. And nuts – almonds, walnuts, cashews. I’m eating a lot of nuts.

I’m feeling great. And while I have had a few minorslip ups, I’m getting used the rhythm of it.  And even though I told myself just for 21 days, I think I could stick to this plan – prehaps with a few additions to keep things interesting – for the long-term.  Basically, I’m avoiding anything processed. And while that requires a bit of planning on my part, it’s not as hard as you would think. I’ve always known that dairy is a problem for me – but as a vegetarian I find it hard to avoid. I’ve had no slips with dairy. Not even in my coffee.

Here is how a typical day breaks down…. this was Monday.

a random smoothie

Protein shake for breakfast.  I’m using a pea/rice/hemp blend and I usually add greens, strawberries, banana and some almonds (Blendtec alert – that’s right! whole almonds)


Travel mug full of coffee and unsweetened coconut milk.  Notice I didn’t say no coffee!

just another salad

Hugh salad for lunch: greens, cabbage, kale, carrots, chickpeas, whatever I can get my hands on….. and this lemon tahini dressing from Oh She Glows. You should try this stuff.  It really is amazing.  Nutritional yeast is a main ingredient and I have had little success with it in the past. I don’t like the taste. But here it works perfectly – it seems the nutritional yeast tames the acidity from the lemon. I strongly advise you to go easy on the garlic.  Use at your own risk. Take special note if your job requires you to speak to anyone who has a nose. Or if you live with people, they will find you offensive. Still – you should try this stuff.

creamy chickpea soup - infinebalance.com

Dinner: This soup from Post Punk Kitchen.  You need to make this.  I had all but given up on the idea of a creamy vegan soup. But this! This is awesome.  The only sub I made was for about 3/4 cup of the broth, I used white wine. Mostly because I had an half-empty bottle hanging out in our fridge for far too long. Besides my husband and I have decided to limit alcohol while we train for our marathon (half for me) in May.  So the wine is destined for the drain unless I can use it for cooking. Because when you put into food it doesn’t count, right?


Snacks: My go to snacks – dates and almonds (sometimes dates with almond butter – although not crunchy – my snacks must be crunchy – this combo definitely fills the void when I need something sweet), veggie sticks , and these crackers. Another Oh She Glows recipe, I blogged about it here the first time I made them.  These are so easy to throw together that I find myself making a batch every couple of weeks.

What are you eating lately?