Vegan Cook Book Love - some of my favourites vegan giveaway cookbooks books

The month of veganuary is winding down to a close so I thought I would take this last chance to first remind you of this awesome giveaway (see below for entry form)….  there are six vegan cookbooks up for grabs this month!

and secondly I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you about some of my favourite vegan cookbooks. These are the books that I reach for all the time. The books I use to feed the family. And when I feed the family I go for healthy and fast. I’ve told you about my love for Greens 24/7 and Mastering the Art of Vegan Cooking in detail. This week I just couldn’t choose. There are so many great books and given that it is my last opportunity to tell you about them during this month-long giveaway, I’m going to break the rules and give you my short list of titles that are healthy, necessary even, for a plant-based kitchen.

Vegan Cook Book Love - some of my favourites vegan giveaway cookbooks books

Appetite for Reduction

I might go all fan girl on you for this book. When I started to explore vegan cooking, Isa was it.  And then this book changed my life with a salad dressing. There is a Green Onion Miso-Vinaigrette that I wrote about so long ago… (I am cringing a little that I’m linking to this old post –  the photo is just so, so bad) But here – go look. You need this dressing in your life. It will change the way you think about salad. Forever. Never a boring lunch again. And yes, besides the best salad dressing ever, the recipes here are simple and full of flavour. And healthy. Not loaded with oils and fats. And use very few and minimally processed veggie alternatives – I’m just not into phony chicken and stuff. Things to try – Blackened Tofu, Chickpea Piccata, and Pasta con Broccoli

Vegan Cook Book Love - some of my favourites vegan giveaway cookbooks books

Forks Over Knives

Another one of those books that permanently lives on the shelf under the coffee pot, and has for almost forever. I have used this book regularly for years. Again – simple healthy recipes. And the family has liked everything I have made from this book. I will caution you that a few recipes need other recipes to make them. Master recipes – you know – like sauces, dressing and stocks. Which is a bit annoying. But mostly, the recipes are simple. Even the master recipes are easy and are things you need to know how to make anyway. Things to try: Sicilian Cauliflower Linguine, Egyptian Fava Bean Soup (I sub in chickpeas sometimes and it is fabulous), Southwestern Twice Baked Potatoes, Pad Thai and the Purple Potato and Kale Salad

Vegan Cook Book Love - some of my favourites vegan giveaway cookbooks books

Grilling Vegan Style

This one if for summer. Or at least when you are ready to get the BBQ out. Here is the funny thing about this book… I have never made a recipe from it from start to finish. But every time I pick it up I find something.. something new to grill, a flavour, or a new combination. And for that reason. I love this book. I pull it out in the warmer months when the BBQ is cleaned off and ready to go and find something new to grill — grilled watermelon, grilled romaine, grilled green beans, a new grilled sandwich maybe… I love this book.

Vegan Cook Book Love - some of my favourites vegan giveaway cookbooks books

The Garden of Vegan

This was my very first vegan cookbook ever. I have made so many things from this book. So many. Again, easy, straightforward recipes. This is a theme with me. As much as I love gorgeous books with beautiful pictures, the books I actually use have good straightforward recipes. Recipes that work. This is a book to buy someone you love that is going vegan. Well all these books are one of those books, but this one might be the place to start. Think college vegans. Things to try Chickpea Toss, Artichoke and Black Bean Dip, Tomato Rice Soup, Spicy Szechuan Noodles, and Joel’s Calzones.

I’d love to know what your all time favourite cookbooks are! Leave a comment and let me know that one book that never leaves your kitchen.

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