The kind people at Pita Break, a Canadian company, sent me samples of their new Crispy Pitas.  Understand dear readers, that generally when I discuss products on this blog, these are products I have purchased myself, things I have found in my own local stores and that I am rather excited about.  It does not happen very often that a company contacts me and asks me if I would like to review one of their products. In fact never. Not only that, but I do not make a habit of soliciting product samples, etc…  It’s not why I am here.  So when Pita Break contacted me I had to read the email twice.

I’ve been a big fan of Pita Break pitas for a long time. Not only do they make awesome pitas for stuffing into lunchboxes, they make these lovely breakfast pitas – they are thick and soft and full of yummy flavours for breakfast like apple cinnamon and breakfast muesli. Nice out of the toaster with some nut butter spread on top. Their skinny burger buns are my favourite.

Well, when they contacted me and asked if would be interested in testing the Crispy Pita Chips, I had to say “Yes, of course.” After all we are a family of dippers and snackers, so I knew we would be able to really test them out.

Here’s what we got.

Four flavours: organic wheat, rosemary garlic, organic spelt with flax, and cranberry-pumpkin seed.



My favourite flavour is the cranberry-pumpkin seed. It is sweet, a bit salty and just perfect for eating straight out of the bag. I think I pretty much ate the whole bag on my own, so I can’t tell you what the rest of the family thought. The packaging made me laugh…. It felt a bit condensing with an ingredient list like this….

“Whole grain wheat flour including the germ, filtered water, anti-oxidant containing cranberries (cranberries, sugar, sunflower oil), pumpkin seeds, sunflower oil with rosemary extract, organic evaporated cane sugar, sea salt, yeast, guar gum, anti-oxidant containing ground cinnamon.”

Please – let’s not lose site of the fact that these are just chips. We are not going to cure cancer with chips!

Regardless, I was still happy to munch on them.

The rosemary garlic is nicely flavoured and went well with our favourite roasted garlic humus. I found the rosemary flavour a bit overpowering on its own. The organic wheat, is very plain, but kids liked this one best for dipping. I prefer hearty dippers, so I would be inclined to grab the Organic Spelt with Flax more often. The Spelt and Flax had more flavour, more crunch and I’m always partial to seeing little seeds in my crackers.

You’ve seen these recipes already in the last week or so… here is where I used them.

With this dip….. the Organic Spelt and Flax was perfect (pictured on the left)

lentil and olive dip

In this salad.  The organic wheat pita chips turned my salad into a fatoosh, and added the perfect amount of crunch and texture.

a salad