What is so awesome about this salad you may ask?  It is not particularly fancy or even pretty.  Although I think it is beautiful. So proud: a salad only a mother could love salads recipes kids food food

Sometimes, very occasionally, as a parent we are vindicated.  All the vegetables I have chopped, tossed, steamed or mashed  only to throw away the uneaten portions left on their little plates!  The broccoli I have called “dinosaur trees” the soy beans I renamed “green jelly beans” and the mysterious squash (or cabbage, mushroom or purple pepper) I have brought home as an “experiment.” Could it be? They may actually want to eat their vegetables?

When I asked my daughter what she wanted for dinner, she replied “Can we make a salad?”  I offered a half bag of a salad kit. She said – “no mommy the kind you make ” (♥!)   Truth be told, she likes to use the salad spinner, but I’ll take it. 

So I scavenged the fridge for something we could wash and make into a salad. I was not going to let this moment fall flat.  And considering I had yet to get groceries and we lacking fresh veg, I was thankful to find a tattered head of romaine at the bottom of the crisper.  After removing all brown bits and wilted parts (almost half of it ) I decided some of it was still edible.  

She carefully washed and tore the remaining leaves, spinned them really, really well and seriously considered the toppings – fresh red raspberries, red grape halves, and shelled pistachios. So proud: a salad only a mother could love salads recipes kids food food   All tossed with her favourite Kraft dressing – Catalina.  (Don’t judge me – if it gets them to try something green I’ll provide it.  Although, I’m thinking we may spend sometime in the kitchen and “experiment” making our own dressing next). 

Then she ate it.  She ate all of it.