Running, snacks and other fall things SunRype running Dog

September 1st is like my personal New Year’s. After the laziness of summer, the weather changes and boots come out of the closet. (Can I get a “Yay!” for boots!) 

This is the perfect time of year to re-evaluate my fitness and health goals… set resolutions and commit to eating healthy. Again.  I know, I know. I’m always recommitting. It just feels a bit easier in September for some reason.

It’s not that we are less busy; if anything it is the busiest time of year. You know, it’s that idea… if you need something done, ask a busy person to do it. Right now that busy person would be me.

Our schedule requires that I stay organized and stick to my plans. So yeah, I’m making a weekly meal plan and I’m sticking to my running schedule.

Oh – right… running. Yep, I’m still running. This is a running post.

I haven’t written about running in a long while. I have been running. I assure you. But I haven’t been training in earnest. I realized a few months back that I just wasn’t into training for something big. Instead my plan has been simple — just run. Sometimes I’m not even wearing my Garmin. (Gasp!) – I’m just running. No stats. And you know what? It’s been kinda nice.

It’s nice not over thinking it. No stats to obsess over. I’m not worried if it’s a long slow run or a speed run, or wondering where I might find a hill or two… I’m just heading out with my favourite running partner…

Running, snacks and other fall things SunRype running Dog

And he really loves me for it.

I’m even making time to run with a running group (minus the puppy – sorry, buddy) after work, once a week.

Which means I’m starving, and it takes an incredible amount of willpower to actually head out. It would be so much easier to just head home and start dinner. I’ve had to be diligent about planning a late afternoon snack.

I recently tried some SunRype FruitActiv  bars and they have been just perfect for throwing in my workbag as I head out the door in the morning.  I’m calling them my no-flaking-out-of-it-bars.

Running, snacks and other fall things SunRype running Dog

I really like that fact that these things are fairly close to something that I would make in my own kitchen, No dyes, no preservatives or additives. Plus they are fortified with awesome stuff like immunity boosters and things that help lower cholesterol. My favourite is the Apple Cinnamon Happy Heart. Each bar has about 200 calories and a good dose of oat beta-glucan.  Plus — these guys are nut-free, which makes them perfect for the school lunch box. Because, hey, I’m a busy mom and I don’t always have time for pre-made lunch snacks.

SunRype’s FruitActiv line also includes three yummy juice flavours; and they are fortified too with stuff like calcium and vitamin D, antioxidants and lutein for eye health.

The kids really dig the Pineapple Orange Guava flavour (which has lutein for eye heath). It is a perfect addition to their breakfast smoothies, adding sweetness along with extra nutrition.

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