There was a much needed vacation. Without. Snow.beach


We met Tanner. The coolest dude street dog ever.


side kick

Then my husband did this:

Dogg and Depp

…and I understood why I liked this dog so much.


There was a visit to Ripley’s.

Florida 2014

..because that is what you do on vacation. There really is no other reason for a visit to Ripley’s.


We met a Cassowary. The meanest bird ever. The significance of this is only understood by those who have heard Zoe’s 4th grade speech entitled “Tiny Dinos” – it’s a long story, as all her stories are, but this bird was a star

Florida 2014

After meeting this bird in person we were all convinced he was tough enough to take down a T-Rex.


There was good food

grilling, bbq_

Remember the BBQ. Eating outside even.


Or how about spending whole days in your beach clothes?

Florida 2014



I’ll be back later in the week with some regularly scheduled recipes.