This is a housekeeping post. I know that some of you are still following my blog through Google Reader. I know this because I can see you. 🙂

So I’m here to tell you that you now need to switch. It’s official, they are cutting you off soon, like next week soon. I’ve been using BlogLovin and I love it. I’ve even put a handy little  “follow me on Bloglovin” right there ——-> to the right. See it? 

But if you were anything like me, you follow a 1000 bloggers at one time, so you need to transfer all of us. Bloglovin will let you do that, real easy. Go here and follow the instructions. It takes no time. You can thank me later. P.S. Bloglovin is by far a better way to browse and read blogs.



We have a winner for the Natural Vitality Giveaway, Congrats Kristen! 


cherry slush

And don’t forget there is still a Giveaway going on for the KitchenAid StandMixer. This is a multi-blogger event. You will get lots of chances to win!