When it comes to using my camera I feel completely incompetent. I have just enough understanding of what I am doing to feel frustrated when I can’t get the results I want. So I’ve enrolled in a photography class to learn the basics. This is a four-week program and I hope to learn enough so I don’t feel so insecure with my camera. Feeling insecure about taking pictures means that I don’t take pictures, I never take my camera with me, I don’t just take pictures of my kids just because and I don’t give myself time to set up and get a good photograph. On the blog here, sometimes I get lucky and I get the photo I was hoping for, but most of the time I don’t. Normally I don’t give myself enough time to get the photo I had envisioned. As if we don’t have enough negative self-talk in our heads…. I have a little voice in  my head that says it’s not going to turn out anyway, so why bother. So long story short, I’ve come to terms with this and now I am going to work on it.

Before the first class, which is tonight, we have been asked to send in our 3 favourite and 3 least favourite photos taken with our camera.  I have a Canon Powershot G15. It’s a great little camera. No it’s not a DSLR and I debated about getting a DSLR. And I still might. But for now this camera allows me to learn all about manual camera settings (I can manually set Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO) or I can use it like a point and shoot camera with all the pre-programmed settings. And its small enough to easily carry around for kid pics and family vacations. So it’s a great family camera. Takes good video too. It also has a few lens options – although I only have the one that comes with the camera right now.

I’ve had the G15 since June. Previously, I had another Powershot – it was Elph SD1400. It was the perfect purse camera. And most of my blog photos were taken with it until June this year. I liked my little pink Powershot but I just couldn’t do much with for blog photos. Now that I have the G15, I can’t believe the improved quality of the photos. There is so much more detail. I love the G15.

Anyway, hopefully, we all see a bit of progress when it comes the quality of my pics here.  So during the next four weeks, I plan to share some of my shots just so you can see what I’m dong. Here is where I’m starting.

My three favourite photographs:

photograhy 101 - 2

I just love my daughter’s smile in this photo. She might be a bit overexposed, but it’s clear and bright and I like that somehow I managed to get that blurry background thing going on.

photograhy 101 - 3

Obviously I will be working on my food photos over the next four weeks. This photo is not very complex, but it turned out exactly the way I wanted it too. The colours are bright and there is lots of detail.


photograhy 101 - 5


Colours in this photo turned out so bright and awesome. I think it tells the story. It’s fall, the trees are in full colour. The boys were in the field trying to catch snakes. They didn’t catch any….


Now, my three least favourites:

photograhy 101 - 6

Halloween this year. Admittedly not all photographs turn out the way you want them too. This is a typical kid pic. It’s dark, the colours are bad. I’ve learned to not use my camera flash, so I don’t and I’m not sure it would have helped here. But anyway, this is just all wrong.


photograhy 101 - 4

Another typical kid shot. This is where Gav jumped up on the log and said “Take my picture here Mommy.”  I wasn’t trying to capture anything in particular, but I wish I knew how to make it better. Composition is definitely something I could work on. And then there is teaching Gav to smile a little less goofy.

photograhy 101 - 1


I loved this salad. I was so disappointed by the pictures. This was a vibrant and colourful salad and all the pictures just look blah, blah, and grey. You can’t really see the contrast from the blueberries and the pistachios. They all the monotone. I took at least 100 pictures of this salad. Here, outside at my house, in my kitchen. They are all the same. I’m just do annoyed by that.