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Funny how just one simple thing can change so much.

Time for a Photography 101 update. So just my first class in and I have learned two things. First, which has been oh so important to me but likely less important to my pictures, I learned what the numbers on the front of camera mean. Clarity. Like being given the answer to a math question that you just couldn’t get. A profound “Oh” came from my lips. This was big news for me. My G15 has a zoom lens that reads 6.1-30.5mm on the front. What is a 6mm lens? Go ahead and try to find a 6mm lens – tell me what you find? What you don’t find is a normal camera lens.

I’m a facts and stats kind of gal. I like formulas and configurations. I also like to read about how to do things and I’ve read Plate to Pixel and beginner photography guides and I just couldn’t make sense of the shots in these books partly because they were talking about using a 50mm lens, etc. So I learned that my camera’s lens is equivalent to a 28-140mm in DSLR speak. All of a sudden I can look at a picture taken with DSLRs and translate the settings for my camera. I feel 100x smarter.

The second thing I learned, which is very important to my pictures, is how to properly meter, or adjust my exposure settings while in manual mode. Now, I had used the meter on my camera before. Faithfully.  But I was doing it all wrong. I was metering the scene not the subject. Sometimes the differences are not that substantial but still metering the subject results in better exposure for the subject. In the first picture I used Zoe’s cheek to set my exposure, in the second picture I set my exposure from where I was standing (the wrong place, the place I usually would set my exposure). The differences are subtle but in the first picture her face is brighter you can see the colours in her lips. You can even see how annoyed she is with me – as this was the third day in a row I made her stand outside in the cold before school. But I needed the daylight!

PicMonkey Collage


So we learned about making perfect toast. Its analogy of course. Perfect toast is perfectly exposed. Not too light and not too dark. I used my new knowledge to meter this toast 🙂 Notice I didn’t over-expose the bananas.

toast with hemp seeds


Since Zoe had had enough of me and my camera, I recruited another helper who sat still for exactly one minute.



Yes, I’m glutton for punishment. I routinely take on too many things at once. And so I’ve decided to take part in Fat Mum Slim’s daily photo challenge for December. I want to practice taking pictures, so I’m hoping this will get me practicing. You won’t see me post photos here daily but you can follow my photos on my facebook page or on twitter. I’ll be using the #FMSphotoaday hashtag. Don’t get angry if I miss a day. I promise I will catch up, and I’ll post a summary here once per week.

Join me if you feel up to it.