Perspective and the cat pictures of my cat photography perspective
So I decided to join NaBloPoMo for the month of February. A crazy word, I’m sure I cannot pronounce properly. It stands for National Blog Post Month – which is a complete lie, I think anyway as NaBloPoMo has happens every month. There is nothing special about blogging in February.

Perspective and the cat pictures of my cat photography perspective

However, February’s theme is¬†PERSPECTIVE – which struck me as so appropriate right now, just today. There are so many thoughts in my head that are changing how I see things, my perspective.

NaBloPoMo is not new to me. I see and ignore the posts that come through my FB or twitter stream. Barely reading. This time I saw it, I read it, and thought “Yes, I must do this.”

Typically I’m really bad at keeping commitments like this. The world will not end if I fail to blog every day for the month of February.

I’ve tried photo-a-day challenges. I’ve considered 365 challenges. The though of documenting a little bit of every day intrigues me.

– a picture of Mr. H everyday – he makes me laugh

– the readout on my treadmill – just to keep track

– Zoe’s outfit of the day – is she going yoga chic, or junior business cas

– Gav engrossed in something – recently reading, but usually lego

I want to do this. Really I do. But I life gets busy, the kids have hockey practice, again. I don’t have Instagram, the Ipad doesn’t work reliably on wifi, the Nanny quit and the dog needs a walk.

So I start, I promise, I let it drop after a few days. Bare with me as I attempt this little exercise.  Sometimes I will write, sometimes I will stick with the regularly scheduled blog posts and sometimes you will only get pictures.

For my bloggy friends, you can join the party too.. it’s not too late. Sign-up closes Feb 5th.

For now I leave you with a picture of my cat.