Meal Planning - June 9 vegan Meal planning and menus meal planning

Hi everyone,

It’s been a while since I’ve done a meal planning post. It’s been busy around here with our trip to Ottawa for the half marathon. I don’t know about you but every-time we get away for a weekend or a few days, we play catch-up for a couple of weeks after.  Things are finally starting to settle down and back to normal.

One of the benefits of keeping track of your meal plans is that you can just “redo” a plan from a previous week. No need to start from scratch each and every Sunday. This is what I have been doing. Just a quick inventory of the pantry before a trip to the store and I’m good. As for variety it doesn’t really seem to bother anyone, I have enough menus that no one really notices that we have gone on repeat. 🙂

This week I’m ready for something new. I keep going back to plant-based foods. From time to time eggs and dairy sneak into our meal plans but I’m finding less and less I’m incorporating these items into our diet, and specifically my diet. My husband and the kids still want cheese on their burgers and sandwiches but lately our meals are pretty close to vegan with them adding some diary as a topping.

This week the recipes come from 2 cookbooks. Forks Over Knives and Good Housekeeping’s Family Vegetarian Cooking. Probably the most dog-eared and marked up books in my collection. I can’t recommend these two enough for everyday, week-night cooking. And for the most part everything we have tried makes everyone happy, or a least most of us. I call a recipe a success if 3 out of 4 are happy.

Anyway, I find with the Forks Over Knives book that the recipes sometimes require homemade sauces or vegetable stock. I always read through the recipes before I add them to my plan and see if something can be made ahead on the weekend. Some sauces are prefect for this. As for veggie stock, during the week I will use what I have in the freezer (yes – sometimes I do make my own veggie stock and freeze it), store-bought, or even just water. With water I may need to adjust the seasonings a bit, but it still makes for a quick meal. The point is, just because a recipe directs you to another recipe doesn’t mean it should stop you from giving it a try. You can make staples ahead in batches or go for the short-cut. In this case store-bought veggie stock. Just be mindful of the extra sodium in the store-bought kind. When I use store-bought stock I normally only use half what the recipe calls for and make up the rest of the volume with water.

I feel like I’ve gone all hippy this weekend. I started some mung bean sprouts. Hoping they will be ready for salads before the end of the week.

 Meal Planning - June 9 vegan Meal planning and menus meal planning

This week’s plan:

  • From Forks Over Knives cookbook – Sicilian Cauliflower Linguine 
  • Veggie burgers (for soccer night)
  • From Forks Over Knives cookbook – Zucchini Bisque
  • From Good Housekeeping Vegetarian Cooking – BBQ Tofu Sandwiches
  • Grilled Veggies and pasta, or something similar


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