It’s a busy week coming up. I’m working out-of-town for a few days. So I’m keeping this weeks menu simple.

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We are going classic this week with our meal plan.  My daughter had some specific complaints about recent menus. Most weeks I include a stir-fry of some sort and I understand she is getting tired of it.  I get it. However, it is one meal that I or the sitter can prepare blindfolded and it will always turn out just great. We usually mix it up a bit with various sauces, tofu or nuts, rice or noodles, and change up the veggies. I guess this level of variety just hasn’t been enough for my daughter. And I think, or rather believe, that if I had said “Five Spice Noodles” instead of “Stir-fry” when she asked what we were having for dinner I would have avoid the complaints. But I answered with “stir-fry” and in return I got “We ALWAYS HAVE STIR-FRY” in the tone of a eight-year old that has had a long and draining day and has just had enough.

I get it. But hear me out. “Stir-fry,” however you want to make it, is my secret weapon in healthy meal planning. It is quick. It has infinite variety. I don’t have to shop for specific ingredients, I can just buy what is on special or looks good, its full of nutrition and veggies. It really is perfect. And the rest of us love it. My husband included.

Anyway. No stir-fry this week. Instead we are having:

  • Mac and cheese with broccoli. (I’m not home, this is one meal that it is best if I don’t get too close)
  • Eggs, toast and saucy beans (Not my preference, but I’m not home)
  • Salads for mommy, kids eat at Grams
  • Soup night — this one:  Chickpea and Sun-dried Tomato Soup
  • Veggie Subs – crazy night menu. Quick and easy, kids get to pick their own toppings – which include – cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, zucchini slices, olives, etc