Let’s talk about meal planning for a bit. Planning is essential. I spend time each and every week planning our dinners. I’ve found that the time spent planning and prepping each week is more than worth the extra time and effort it takes. When I spend a bit of time planning we eat much better. Healthier and with far more variety.  More veggies. Less processed products. My grocery bill is far lower and we are tempted less often to eat out or grab take-out.

I usually plan for 5 meals each week.  One night the kids go to Grandmas for dinner while I work late, so we don’t need a plan and my husband and I just eat leftovers (or head out for a much deserved mid week date!)

Meal planning and menus meal prep meal planning

Lots of broccoli on the menu this week

The other open night is just that, open. I always have something in the pantry or stashed in the freezer that can be thrown together if in a pinch. But I leave one night open just to make life a little less structured and more flexible. Maybe we go out, find ourselves at the mall or at a movie, or visiting friends.  Or maybe we stay home and have enough leftovers for another meal or get the kids involved in some extravagant family cooking. Either way, this night will usually fall on Friday or Saturday so if dinner is late, or takes longer than expected, I’m not crazy stressed out about. And that, after all, is all the matters.

Meal planning and menus meal prep meal planning

The chard looked too pretty sitting in the blendtec (I promise I don’t normally use my blendtec as vase, it was just near by).

In this week’s plan I’m trying a couple new items from the Forks Over Knives Cookbook. I have yet to be disappointed by anything I’ve made from this cookbook. Most of the items are quick, simple and taste delicious. I picked this book because it is time to change things up a bit and I since I’m joining Jill’s Veggie challenge this week, I really want to focus on less cheese in my diet. Of course, this means the rest of the family will have to make due with this as well. 🙂

This weeks dinners:

  • Spaghetti with Broccoli Pesto (I’ll be sharing this one later in the week)
  • Omelettes, my daughters choice, filled with a tonne of broccoli and mushrooms, salad on the side
  • Spanish Stew from the Forks Over Knives Cookbook
  • Veggie Burgers and salad (for our “krazy” night)
  • 5-Spice Noodles from the Forks Over Knives Cookbook

I’m linking up with Jill for What’s For Dinner post. You may also want to check out her 7 day Veg Challenge too if you want to join in.

So, weekly meal planning tips?  Share….