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Here I am talking about vitamins again.

This time it’s about the kids. The trick with getting kids to take their vitamins is taste. It doesn’t matter what colour or shape they happen to come in, they can be the cutest Koala Bear shaped vitamins you’ve ever seen, if they don’t taste good kids will not take them. Trust me on this, I have found my fair share of half chewed chewables in the trash. It’s enough to make a mom give up and buy Flintstone’s (not that I have anything against Flintstones vitamins, well maybe I do, but whatever…)

So, Natural Vitality recently sent me a care package with supplements for the whole family to try. The one I’m really excited about is the Kids Natural Calm Multi.

Why do I want my kids to take a multi-vitamin?

…because I can’t control 100% what they eat or don’t eat. While we do follow a fairly healthy diet most of the time, there are busy nights that mean take-out, or days when someone decides to only eat the carrot cake in their lunch box. Kids change their eating preferences all the time. You might think that it’s only toddlers that love broccoli today and then never.ever.  No, my 6 and 9 year-olds throw curve balls at me all the time.

I like having that little extra assurance that we’ve covered all the bases. Kids Natural Calm Multi is made with real organic fruits and veggies and covers Omega 3s, DHA, EPA, magnesium, amino acids and a bunch of other good stuff. The magnesium in Kids Natural Calm Multi is the same stuff used in Natural Calm, Natural Vitality’s magnesium supplement (because kids need magnesium too). This is good stuff and the best part is that it tastes good.

Since this supplement is a liquid it can be taken on its own or added to juice or water. We decided to add it to some frozen fruit and make a vitamin-packed slushy. Perfect after school treat – with a nutritional bonus. Just about any kind of frozen fruit will work. Frozen peaches, mango and cherries were our favourites. The multi is naturally sweetened with stevia and agave, so we found we didn’t need to add any other sweeteners.

Natural Vitality is running a recipe contest until June 15th. Head on over to their Facebook page if you have your own to enter.  Here’s my recipe:

 Kids Vitality Cherry Slush

  •  1/2 cup ice
  • 3/4 cup frozen cherries
  • 1 serving Kids Natural Calm Multi

Add ice and frozen fruit to a blender and use the ice crush setting, pulse to a coarse texture. Add Kids Natural Calm Multi and pulse a few times. Serve immediately.

And now the giveaway part! Natural Vitality has given me a $30 US e-gift card (if your Canadian you will receive the equivalent in products) to give away to one lucky reader. The e-card can be used at Natural Vitality’s on-line store. This offer is open to US and Canadian residents only.

I’m giving you 3 chances to win, you will get one entry for each of the following:

  • Leave a comment telling which Natural Vitality product is your favourite or that would like to try, or tell me anything else you want to tell me that would be okay too 🙂
  • Like “Infinebalance” on Facebook, and leave me a comment that you did so
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Good luck! Giveaway closes June 15th!