It's all ridiculous. Really. running resolutions kids health fitness 13 in 2013

Lovely readers, I’m at a cross roads so to speak. It’s the holidays…it’s freaking December!… and I’m not baking. Quite frankly I don’t feel like baking.

As a food blogger this is most ridiculous. I don’t want to make cookies and cakes and pies. There are no sprinkles and no leftover red and green frosting in my refrigerator.

And before you assume I’m sad, sick or feeling bah-humbug, I’ve decorated, put up my tree and purchased presents.  The holiday music is on. Frosty is on the lawn.

I just don’t feel like making Christmas cookies. Perhaps more importantly, I don’t feel like eating Christmas cookies. Baking is generally very self-serving in this respect.

Perhaps my kids are hyped up enough already and I don’t want them to hit warp speed just yet. I’m sure this will pass and my kids will see to some baking happening between now and December 24th.  Never fear, they will get to bounce off the walls soon enough.

But here is the most ridiculous thing.  When I normally would spend my free time (or rather stolen time) planning my holiday sweets menu, I’m thinking about running. Running has taken over my holiday-baking brain capacity. All of it. I’m feeling a bit crazy obsessive.

Another ridiculous thing – I’ve committed to my first half marathon (~gulp!).  It’s not until May but I’ve been wasting countless hours looking for the just right training plan, which probably won’t start until February, so bear with me, this search could go on for a while.

Another ridiculous thing…. I’ve already sorted out my 2013 New Year’s Resolution.  I’m totally beating the procrastinator in me down… first time ever. Usually I get my New Year’s Resolution sorted out sometime by February.  Or claim that I’m just protesting the concept by not setting one at all. I’ve done that too.

Not this year.  Nope – I’m a month early. I’ve signed up for two running challenges for 2013.  Why not?  They will keep me running. And running is what I want to do a whole lot of next year.  Besides, a New Year’s Resolution is not proper unless it feels a little unreachable. Am I right?

Here are the deets:

13 in 2013.  Challenge is to run 13 virtual or real life road races throughout 2013. This one makes me a bit nervous… but with the second challenge below I will have 6 races taken care of through June + a half marathon so – by June 5th, my birthday BTW,  I will have run 7 actual races!   You can run any length race you want and I plan to mix it up throughout the year.  You can join here (and if you do, do it before Dec 31st!):

It's all ridiculous. Really. running resolutions kids health fitness 13 in 2013

5 by the 5th.  Challenge is to run a 5k or a 5 miler by the 5th of each month, January through June.  All races are virtual.  Join me – you can sign up here…

It's all ridiculous. Really. running resolutions kids health fitness 13 in 2013

Apparently… 2013 is all about the running.