Just to prove to you what an awesome job I’m doing teaching my kids about healthy eating, check out what my darling 5 year-old did the other night….  ha! I’m awesome…

According to my kids this is what our food pyramid looks like:

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It’s 9pm and my husband walks in with the kids after being at a local hockey game. He informs me that Gavin (our dear boy) drank at large slushy and a large ginger ale at the game, then he leaves. I’m not angry he is leaving, he is leaving to get some exercise (to play hockey no less, what else is there), still I’m stunned with the news and annoyed. Left with a very hyper, sugar overloaded kid jumping around the house 1-1/2 hours after bed time.

After sending Gav to the bathroom several times, I’m still not satisfied I won’t be woken up with a soggy kid and bedding in the middle of the night. Between pee breaks our discussion went like this:

Me: Gav, you know better than to have that much pop to drink. And a slushy?

Gav: But there was nothing heallfee and I didn’t want all of it. I just wanted a niddle bit.

Zoe (she’s 7, she can’t help herself, it’s her job to scold him too): Yes – Gav you know we don’t drink pop.

Me: Zoe it’s okay, I’ll take care of this.

Zoe: All they have there is junk food – nachos, hot dogs, and candy COATED in sugar!

Me: Yes Zoe, I know.

Zoe: Gav, you know sweets are at the top of the pyramid. You are only supposed to have them once a day. She is now holding the food pyramid we have on our fridge.

Me: Once a week Zoe, not once per day.

Gav: Why do they only sell junk food?

Me: Because …..

Zoe: Because they don’t want people to be healthy.

Me: I don’t think it’s a conspiracy Zoe.

Zoe: We’re smarter than older kids. I saw a grade 3 from my school and he was eating Nachos and Cheese.  It’s not even real cheese!! Gasp!

Gav: Yeah, and the candy is covered in sugar.

Me: typically candy is made of sugar.

Gav: But the covered in sugar kind is worser.

Zoe: Look Gavin! This is like hockey.  It’s the fruit and veggies against the sweets and soda pop. The Tofu and Nuts are the referees.

Gav: yeah! He is  now running at the bathroom carpet and sliding.

Zoe: (in an announcer’s voice) The sweets started out strong, but ran out of gas. The Fruits and Veggies have lots of energy. The Tofu decided the veggies are the winners.  Yeahhhh!

Both kids, now running, hands waving at the fans in the stands, or the cat, depends on your perspective I guess.

Me: Could you guys come back here and brush your teeth?

Zoe: See mom the tofu and nuts are the referees, they are in the middle.

Me: Yes Zoe, they are in the middle. But I’m not sure how that relates to the gallons to pop Gav had tonight.

Gav: So do the referees stop the sweets from getting a goal?

Me: No, that is not the referee’s job. Just go pee again before bed please.

What’s with hockey around here anyway?