Did you check your 2012 year in review?

I would have never had guessed it, but a whole lot of people out there in desperate need of recipes for turnips.  Apparently turnips are flooding the produce section of neighbourhood groceries everywhere, yet people don’t know what to do with them. “Turnip” was the most used search term that led people to In Fine Balance in 2012.  A not-so-useful fact I thought I would share with you.  Of all the recipes I have posted, stories I have told and ingredients I have used, it is the lowly turnip that gets all the attention.

The turnip recipe…  which is technically a recipe I posted back in 2011, but it keeps drawing them in and so deserves a special link up:

turnip soup - infinebalance.com

(Note to self – find more cool things to do with turnips.)

It’s Wednesday. That means What I Ate Wednesday is happening.


I know. I am not very predictable about posting my WIAW posts.  But that is just how I roll. I’ll post when I feel like it.

So, this post is about what I’m eating right now. I’m a few days into a post holiday cleanse. The post holiday reset. Okay 2 days into it. I started prior to New Year but then got all trip up with dessert on New Year’s Eve.  It was cheesecake after all.

So, New Year’s eats aside this is what I am eating now:



Oh – and big, big news here.  I got a Blendtec for Christmas! Yes, Santa was good to me!  There is a school of thought that says a man should never buy a woman something that plugs in for Christmas, birthdays or ever. Maybe I am an exception to the rule, but I was truly ecstatic when I found a blender under the tree.

(  ~ Is that Weird?)

Huge Salads

raw red pepper dip

And Roasted Red Pepper dip.  Included in the pic above.  This stuff is delish, vegan and raw.  Sorry to keep ya hanging, but I will post the recipe later.  Look for the post where I tell you how awesome my blender is.


black bean soup - infinebalance.com

While my famous turnip and carrot soup would do nicely as a clean and plant-based option right now, I cooked up a batch of this black bean soup, skipped the rum and threw in a bag of frozen, chopped kale to make sure I’m getting enough greens.



because this girl needs something crunchy all the time once in a while.

And just for funsies, a look back….

Posted one year ago today:  Spring Rolls

Happy New Year!