So….. Have we thought about our fitness goals for 2013 yet? Hmmm….

Well. As you know. I’ve big plans to run many miles in 2013. I’ve done just about everything I can think of to keep myself  motivated and running until it is time to step into a training plan for my half marathon in May. So in addition to the 5 by the 5th virtual race series and the 13 in 2013 challenge, I’ve also found the Chilly Challenge. Another fun way to log some miles and win prizes.  (I love prizes.) I’m on #TeamEscapades  BTW.

The snowman.

Because my family is so supportive and all, I scored some new running gear over the holidays :):

New Balance Jacket

It’s mighty cold outside… and although, technically I have yet to try out the jacket on a run, I can attest to the warmth that it will surely bring me because I worked up a serious sweat inside the store when I went to pick it out. I’ve only had it a few days because I couldn’t make to the store to use my gift card any sooner. Of course since then it has been bitter cold and windy and I’m just too chicken to go outside let alone spend 40-60 minutes out there in these conditions. I can deal with cold, but frozen toes take all the fun out of running.

I’m loving the hot pink details. I went with black because it really did look the coolest. Which will be perfect even when I’m not running, like  the next time I spend my entire weekend standing in a cold arena watching my youngest skate in circles.

New Balance Wind Blocker Jacket in black

New Balance Wind Blocker Jacket in black

Lululemon Brisk Run Gloves

These gloves are so soft and comfy.  Unlike the jacket I have road tested the gloves and what do you know, they work. They are warm and have those special little thingies on the thumb and index fingers so I don’t have to take them off to work the Ipod. It’s always in the small details. Very nice, Lulu. Very nice.

Reflective Brisk Run Gloves

Reflective Brisk Run Gloves

This week in running:  7 miles so far and some of that was on the treadmill. I have a 5K scheduled for tomorrow morning to get my first 5 by the 5th virtual race done before the deadline.  Praying for sunshine and minimal wind. Otherwise I may just have a little breakdown before I trudge to the basement to hop on the mill.