It’s been awhile, I know.  Don’t be angry.

I will start with a long overdue running update….

2013 miles so far:  75.75

I was certainly hoping that number would be bigger by now, but I’m happy with it because its symmetrical.  Compared to this time last year, this is amazing. The weather has kept me indoors far more than I had anticipated. Even my nice warm New Balance jacket can’t keep me from slipping on the ice and breaking something, so I’m sticking to the treadmill.

And just to remind you how yucky Spring has been so far — today it is 27 F.  Same day last year the temperature was 82 F.


don’t blame the groundhog

I’m about three and a half weeks  into my half marathon training.  I knew the conference in NY in February would cause some issues with the first week of my plan and – Guess what? I was right, it sure did. Long days and very late nights – not the most conducive to getting up early for a few miles.

Still I wish I could have squeezed in a bit more “fit” time.

Our holiday in Florida was actually pretty good fitness wise. I got in 2 of my scheduled runs. Add this to a tonne of walking, and I covered my training plan while I was there. Yes, it was slow amusement park walking (and then standing, and then more standing) but I’m calling it cross training. 🙂

In other running news…

…and the pink laces have arrived.  I’m so excited. FitApproach was nice enough to send me a bunch, so I have some to share – or buy more shoes and lace them all up pink. I’m very excited.i believe in pink

Speaking of treadmill running. Treadmill. Dreadmill. Last night I busted out the worst 3.5 miles ever — 51 minutes! Pure torture. I suppose it could have been a better time if I had just left those darn buttons alone but the boredom gets the better of me.

How do you keep yourself busy while on the treadmill?

I listen to audio books or music and play with the buttons.

I’m scheduled for 5 miles this Sunday. My first “long” run on my training plan. Cross your fingers the weather cooperates just a bit and its nice enough to run outside. I don’t think I can manage 5 miles on the treadmill. I just can’t.  I’m not asking for warm – just hoping I don’t have to battle blowing snow. Please. I’m not asking too much.