Did you think I would let my 4 year blogiversary come and go without a mention?

Happy Birthday! Zilliondesigns logos blogging

Four freaking years!

Truthfully, I’m shocked that I’ve not lost interest yet. This is very introspective and self-analyzing of me. You must feel the weight of this confession as you read these words. I don’t usually stick with things this long. I have a tendency to lose interest and find something else to do….

So I’m actually quite proud that I’ve found something, this small thing, to obsess over.. something other than my kids, my job or my hair colour. 

Instead I obsess over blog stats, colours and layouts.

One thing that has never left me is my love for all things kitchen. My interests may change – from canning to complex baking to just getting my kids to eat something green. And I suppose that is how this blog has survived my whims. I’m eating anyway. And if I wasn’t documenting my trials and successes in the kitchen, here, publicly, I’d be documenting something, somewhere –  the margins of my cookbooks will attest to this. My only regret is that I didn’t start sooner. {sigh}

To celebrate 4 blog years, I decided a little investment (other than my time) was necessary.  Okay – so I didn’t just decide, the opportunity was given to me. And I’m very grateful.

So without further ado, meet the new infinebalance logo:


Happy Birthday! Zilliondesigns logos blogging
I’m in love with my new leaf.

This is a real logo folks. Not something I attempted to pull together myself with some free Internet program. Its real and it’s mine.

I used a service called ZillionDesigns.com. For my birthday (Geez… when I started this blog I could still call myself a 30-something!)…  my dear brother and sister-in-law opened a ZillionDesigns.com account for me. It works like The Secret (you remember Oprah and that book don’t you?). You send your question out into the universe and the universe gives you an answer back. In this case, graphic artists from all over the world looked at my proposal and gave me ideas and suggestions. In a 6 day period I had over 80 different logo ideas. It was so exciting. I was checking my ZillionDesigns.com account like I check my blog stats.

So for my blogger friends, here is what you need to know. Through the site I could communicate directly with the designers. If I liked the design but wasn’t crazy about colours or fonts, I could ask them to change them. I could leave instant feedback. I could rate each design, eliminate those that just didn’t do it for me, and finally pick the one I liked the best. And then just like that, the artist gets paid, I get my graphic files and then I own the design. It’s all mine.  Did I say that yet? It’s all mine. And I’m really proud of it. From start to finish the whole thing took less than 2 weeks.

So what do you think?


I feel so grown up.