I realize I have not been very exciting on the food front lately.  This is a busy time for me at work so I keep myself on track by sticking with some basics and just keep repeating them over and over so I don’t have to think about menu planning, or feeding myself for that matter. And over and over and over…

Easy for me, not so interesting for you. I realize. I am sorry.

Half marathon training plans training plans running half-marathon fitness

It’s time to get my run on.

I have put off making a decision on a training plan for far too long. In trying to gather all the options, I have thoroughly confused myself. I have downloaded a Nike plan, Hal Higgon’s first time half marathon plan, a fitsugar plan, Another Mother’s Runners Finish It Plan, and their run/walk plan too. The good, the bad, the exhausting.

I think I have settled on Hal Higgon. (Although…. the run/walk plan has its merits. Especially since it includes walking… 🙂 )  I like the Higgon plan because the  mid-week runs are short – 5 miles max.  I don’t have time during the work week to run for much longer than an hour. The plan also requires running only 3-4x per week leaving me time to focus on strength training 2x per week. Although I could add another short run each week, I think my body couldn’t handle running more than 4 times per week. The other thing I really like is there are no complicated tempo runs or speed work. I feel terribly unqualified for that kind of running. In my experience all running is hard and slow. The idea of speed work makes me want to stay in bed.

I’ve modified the plan slightly to fit my schedule.  I have some commitments (in the yellow highlights) that will make sticking exactly to the plan difficult during the first few weeks.  Basically I doubled the first week to give myself a head start.  Otherwise I would be starting my official training just as I was leaving for vacation and well…. little happens on vacation fitness-wise.. and that would just stress me out.

Notice the start date is Feb 25th. Less than 2 weeks! I have been slacking lately — mostly due to the weather.  I really hate the treadmill. I think I’ve mentioned this before.  Its very uninspiring.  My plan is to run at 3x per week for leading up the 25th.  A short 2 miles on the treadmill tonight night counts.

Half marathon training plans training plans running half-marathon fitness

And in pdf… hal higgon half schedule