Hi everyone,

Welcome to Monday!  We had our first lazy weekend in a long, long time.

My son spent most of his weekend playing Skylanders.  Sure, I would like to think that I am not one of those parents that allows my kids to play video games almost non-stop for days at a time, but I did. And it was great… for me.

I spent a bunch of time in the kitchen.  I have a few recipes coming up that I am pretty excited about sharing later in the week.

My daughter and I had a little Mommy-Daughter date, which I believe is what spurred this little gift.




I ran 7 miles on Sunday. This was my farthest run yet. I was scheduled to run 6 miles, but I messed up my Garmin. I had planned to do run/walk intervals. I decided that planned walking breaks is the way to go for me as I get into the longer distances. Chances are I am going to find I need to walk for a bit here and there anyway, so having a plan would be better than just walking when I feel like it.

Anyway… I tried to set intervals into my Garmin and ended up setting a 6 mile run interval followed by a 1 min walk. Not really what I had intended. My plan was to run 10 minutes and walk 1 minute. And because I screwed it up so much and didn’t realize my mistake until I had ran about mile and half, I didn’t want to stop the workout and start over so I kept going. I really need to spend more time with my Garmin and the manual. Epic fail.

I had no idea how I was doing or my pace, I forgot my planned route. It was just a mess.  So… I ran 7 miles. Very slowly.  This is first time I felt that 13.1 miles may not be possible for me. It was just so hard and so far….

In better running news. I did my 5by5th virtual run event on Thursday.  Finally, a better 5k time. 36:36. I was getting worried that I would never see under 38 minutes again. At least I know that there is some hope that I am improving. I’m linking up with Laura … go check out her site to see how the other participants did.


Miles so far this year:  117!  This is better than 50% of what I ran last year in total.

Is it normal to feel the way I do about my half marathon?
How are you doing on your 2013 running goals?