That was a long week. I’m tired. But the sun is shinning. Finally.

 Which means spring will be over in a week and we will be in full blown summer mode – hot, humid and 100s.  I’m enjoying the moderate temps while I can.

It’s my husband birthday.  Shhh… don’t tell him I told you.  We have a busy weekend planned.  And it involves cake. This also means that my birthday is coming up. I know its really cute that we were born like 1 month apart.


I’m starting a “Spring Cleanse” this weekend. A one week detox. (I’ve strategically planned this to start after I eat a hunk of cake tonight). I’ve participated in this cleanse before and thought it was fairly easy and the food was good. Spring just makes we want to eat clean anyway – I think its the sunshine. If you are interested in joining too, you can get your free cleanse kit here and follow along. It includes the meal plan and some recipes.  I hope to blog about some of the food I’m trying during the next week.



I ordered a box of organics to go along with the recipes.  It’s arriving sometime today. I can’t wait to see what’s in it. I love presents. Which is a bit weird because this  “present” I bought for myself and it is essentially groceries…

April miles…  52.6.

2013 miles  156.2

I guess those longer runs really do add up.


Last night I completed May’s 5 by the 5th run at 36:06.  The first 2 miles felt great, but by the third I was completely out of gas. I was spent!  Which goes to show, I worked all day, I was starving and didn’t drink much water all day. I need to prepare, even for a 5k.

I’ve also learned that walking around in high heels then trying to run at the end of the day hurts.

That’s it for now.

Stay tuned next week for hubs b-day cake – its all about macho. I promise. It involves beer.

Happy Friday. (and happy birthday sweetie).