Audiobooks at!

I’ve mentioned before that I listen to Audio books during my commute to work and on my longer runs too. I just checked my library and I have over 70 titles that I have purchased over the years. I have a membership where I pay a flat fee each month in exchange for 1 credit. I’ve had that membership far longer than I thought :0. Typically each book costs one credit and the price I paid for the credit is far less than the regular audible price. So I feel like I’m getting a deal every time. I also tend to let credits pile up and then go on a little shopping spree, which is fun.

Whole: Rethinking the Science of Nutrition | [T. Colin Campbell, Howard Jacobson]

The point of this rant is that I just “put” T. Colin Campbell’s Whole back on the shelf for next time. Audible was having a two for one sale and I needed the credit to take advantage of the limited time offer and get two books instead. I figured I could go back and get Whole next month. Or maybe it’s one of those books I should buy in hard cover. Either way, I’m feeling a tad bit of guilt. Like the kind of guilt that happens when you go shopping for a practical pair of walking shoes and you buy the really cool red heels instead. I’m not the only one that does this right? Since I’m a such a big proponent of whole-food eating after all and Dr. Campbell’s book the China Study has been a huge influence on my current eating habits, I just feel like I should show the man a little support. It will be Whole next time. Promise.

Women Run the D

See (I’m rationalizing now) I needed more listening hours because I’m going to be running a bunch this summer. Yep. I’ve signed up for another half. I’m supper excited to be running an all women’s event.  And Yep, there is another half marathon training plan…

half marathon training plan novice 2

I want to feel better during the run this time. I was on track for 2:30 finish last time… up to the half way mark and then I just pooped out. Really. So, I’ve changed plans a bit. Nothing crazy. I’m still going with Mr. Higgon, but I’m following his Novice 2 program this time. This program requires me to spend a little bit of time focusing on my pace and running a bit more often and longer. The longest run this time is 12 miles. And based on how I felt after I hit the 10 mile mark last time, I know that I need to go further during my training. When you run as slow as I do, after 2 hours of running there just isn’t any momentum left to carry you through the last 3 miles. Here is the spreadsheet file if you want to have fun with your own 🙂 … hal higgon novice 2


One more thing. I’m participating in #SundaySupper this weekend. #SundaySupper is a food blog event that happens every weekend and this is my first time joining in. I’m excited. The SundaySupperMovement is designed to get families back to the table, sharing food and eating together. So stop by Sunday to see my post and visit the other bloggers participating as well.