Welcome to Friday!!

Before we head off for the weekend, I wanted to share this…..

 I’ve said it before, and I will say it again, when it comes to food, it’s not important that you are perfect. Vegan, Vegetarian, or whatever.  What is important is that you are feeding your body good, fresh foods, full of nutrients. If you are getting enough good foods in your daily diet you probably don’t have much room in your belly for the not-so good foods. Which is one of the reasons I follow a vegetarian, nearly vegan, diet. A mostly vegan diet keeps me focus on the good stuff.
There is so much evidence showing that a plant-based diet is a great tool for disease prevention and overall long-term health.
Check out this info-graphic from Everyday Health.  I think the point is clear, look at some of these stats:
 Friday Things - A vegetarian diet vegetarian health food diet
Clearly the fewer animal products in your diet, the better.
I’ve been reading Salt Sugar FatFriday Things - A vegetarian diet vegetarian health food diet   . (I’ve learned so much!) Yes, it exposes the food industry for what it is – an industry that is trying to make money. No surprise there. But what I find most shocking is how discoveries about food and health – the link between dairy and saturated fat, the link between red meat and heart disease, sugar and health – have been around for so long. I’m XX, (well never mind, I’m not going to remind you how old I am), and these are issues with our food system that have been known for years, decades even. Yet, as a society we have done so little to change the way we eat. I’m going to avoid a rant right now, but I will leave you with a few options for healthy plant-based meals. These are easy things you can do to ease your reliance on meat and dairy in your diet and get more of those good healthy plants into your body so you can live longer and healthier.
These are some of our favourite and quick family meals: