I’ve been without proper internet at home all week and I have to tell you I was starting to lose my mind. I actually thought I would have to spend my weekend at the office, where there is internet, so I could write some blog posts. Of course my husband quickly talked me down from that ledge.

Needless to say I haven’t much to share with you week. I even use an online photo editor for my food pics so I’m a little bit behind.

It’s Father’s Day this weekend. We are celebrating with a BBQ. A few things around here we will definitely be making:

Grilled Veggies

Friday News recipes news Father's Day cancer


The best quick pickle ever

Friday News recipes news Father's Day cancer

I do have some news to share.

First off, please check back on Sunday. A bunch of bloggers have gotten together to honour Father’s Day with a #recipesfromtheheart blogging event. I’m sending Kim, at Cravings of Lunatic, some special love on this one. Kim organized this event and brought us all together. It’s pretty cool. This is a fundraising event to bring awareness to Cancer and to those organizations that help us through a cancer diagnosis, whether our own or that of a  loved-one. So please stop by, donate, check out some great recipes  and enter a really awesome giveaway.

In other news. I’m really excited to tell you one of my recipes is being published! For real. Like in a real book. The book is due out this summer, and ironic enough it’s sort of a cancer “how-to” book. Please check out Susan’s site and her Facebook page as we anxiously await the book’s release.

Here’s the recipe that is being published! My vegan “chickpea of the sea” sandwich:

Friday News recipes news Father's Day cancer

Have a great weekend and don’t forget to come by again on Sunday.

PS: My Natural Vitality giveaway closes tomorrow… please enter