So, remember how I showed you my new shoes? And remember how I told you I wasn’t sure what I thought about them? Well, they went back to the store…… and I came home with these instead:

Women's Kinvara 3

and I’ve concluded that a new pair of shoes should feel good the first time you run in them.

And luckily the nike+ sensor pouch I ordered happened to be orange so we coordinate perfectly. Because if I’m not coordinated, it’s important that my clothing is.

I finished my first marathon!!

26.2 miles in 24 days. Pretty crazy for this gal.

I learned how long the road I live on really is, and as a result I’ve learned how small the rest of the town really is. Normally I just run around the block and back and I cover just over 2.5 miles. It’s sort of big C shaped run, if runs can have shapes. And I always feel so lame because I just make it outside of the subdivision and then I turn around.

For once I started a run from a place other than home, (about where I usually turn around and head back home, in fact). I had no idea that the town was that small. I found myself actually backtracking so that I was sure I would get in 3 miles before I was back to where I started. And this small realization made me feel like a runner – I ran around the whole town.