It’s Friday again friends! This week just flew by, probably because Monday was a holiday for us up here in Canada.

I watched Forks over Knives last weekend. Yeah, I know, finally. It was about time, you say.  Did I learn anything new?  No.  But it kicked my butt in gear.  Even though, I’ve read all the books, and I have certainly made some positive changes in my diet over the years, I have not fully embraced plant-based eating.

Somehow the movie is different.  Maybe I just needed a reminder, or maybe because the people involved are more tangible when you can see them, or maybe I’m a visual learner. Regardless, I’m looking at plant-based eating a little differently than I did a week ago.  If you haven’t watched the movie, you really, really should. Do it for your health. It will change the way you look at food. For real.  Go now.

Friday Fun - on running and food the holy kale running plant-based diets Forks Over Knives

Because of the movie, we have had a few deep discussions about protein on a vegan diet. I found this great link of all the plant-based sources of protein. (PS: The Holy Kale is fast becoming one of my favourite food blogs)

Another awesome post I found on the Holy Kale is this one about salba vs chia seeds.  A great source of protein, by the way. I’ve purchased both before and I just thought Salba was a different name for the same thing as known as chia.  Little did I know!.. turns out, when people are talking about the health benefits of chia, they are really talking about salba. Although related, salba is not over-cultivated and thus has more of all the good things that chia has become know for. Interesting read anyway.

Meanwhile, in running this week….

Friday Fun - on running and food the holy kale running plant-based diets Forks Over Knives

If you needed a reason to go for a jog.. try this link… you might live longer 🙂

I ran a measly 4.4 miles, which leaves me with just over 6 miles before Thursday next week. Totally doable if I get off my butt right now and go for a run. I swear, it was the holiday that made me lounge around.  For my american friends, have a great long weekend —&  go for a run.