Food Thoughts and Friday Blog Stalking vegetarian vegan nutrition healthy-living food choices food blogs blogging   I’m having a hard time coming up with something to write this week. It’s been a draining week work-wise…. My little brain is fried and tired. Not only that, but I haven’t so much as stepped foot in my kitchen since last weekend. Oh the joys of careerhood!

For me it is hard to write about food when food has become strictly utilitarian – and not in a “I’m training for a marathon” way. In more of a “I’m starving, where’s the nearest Tim Horton’s” kind of way. So in an effort to just get back into blogging, some thoughts on food today and some Friday links….

I have been tossing around various ideas about food in my head lately. I shouldn’t say lately, this has been a constant for me always. Lately, I have been feeling a new resolve to define something. I’m reading “Eating Animals” again. Listening to it actually. (Have I introduced you to Audible? – as much as I savour an hour with a book curled under a blanket, I’m a multi-tasker at heart and listening to a book while I do something else – drive to work, a gym workout, whatever – gets one thing accomplished I would otherwise never have time to do. I get to check a box on my list. I find it particularly useful as a way to re-read books.) Anyways, “Eating Animals” is making me think about things I’ve forgotten to think about.

I’ve always been of the opinion that healthy eating is primarily plant-based with a focus on fruit and vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds. Despite this I fall off the wagon much of the time. Or rather jump on various wagons from time to time.

It’s amazing how unhealthy food can sneak into your daily diet so quickly. A stressful week, a few late nights and the next thing I know I am eating more junk than good stuff. Why is it that junk is easy to find? I find it surprising that healthy takes effort. The not so good choices are everywhere and it may not be a matter of trying to find something better, rather than a matter of being inundated with bad stuff. As well, sometimes I feel like I need to make a choice between feeding my body enough to mange through the day, making the ethical choice, and (I admit reluctantly) finding something convenient.

I walked into a Starbucks one morning this week and managed to grab a banana with my egg white wrap and coffee. Really not a bad choice if you are looking a calories and fat grams and I was pleased to find the banana. But here is the kicker – if I want something vegan I have one choice. Oatmeal. I do believe the oatcake is vegan but …. Vegan does not make it healthy. It is high fat and high calorie. So why did I not choose the oatmeal? Because it would be hard to carry along with my coffee and my computer bag as I hike up 4 city blocks to my office. I can tuck the sandwich in my bag while I walk. Also, it is low protein and I find that I need protein first thing in the morning, especially when I know I won’t be eating again for 5 or 6 hours. So I went with the eggs.

I suppose this somehow makes me lazy. I could have packed some chia seeds in my suitcase.  I could have gotten up earlier and sat down to eat my oatmeal. But in this fast paced, I have to get it done environment, I was already up early. Getting up earlier – I would have made the same choice. The goal was to get to work as soon as possible, my goal was not to sit and take extra time for breakfast. Skewed priorities? Probably.

A few blogs this week have reminded me I am not alone:

Baker Bettie, a baker obviously, talks about her decision to change how she eats, after watching that movie “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.” A movie I still need to see. Then she makes these cookies… grain free and vegan and I can’t wait to try.

Turning Veganese. I totally relate to this post.  I often feel like I need to start all conversations I have about food with the word “almost.”

A bit unrelated, but not.  I usually avoid meat replacement products.  We do use them, and my hubby and the kids like them, so various brands and types are on my weekly shopping list  However, my feeling is that regardless of being meat-free they are processed foods and should be used sparingly.  I found this article by Mark Bittman.. an interesting argument to really get ourselves excited about phony meat products.