Where did July go?

I stepped into the local shopping mall and was shocked to see back to school clothes. What happened?  I feel like I took a nap and missed the summer. ….. and confession… I sorta didn’t keep up with my run schedule.

And because I’ve let myself down, I’m  developing a love-hate relationship with running.  Okay — maybe it’s mostly hate. I take that back. I love running. I just don’t “love” it.

Do you see what I am going through?

As if the universe understood my troubles, it sent me some encouragement in the mail…

Fit Friday: Running gear running gear fitness clothing

The nice people over at Shock Absorber ask me to try this baby for a few runs. So I did. I ran. More than once I might add.

Sometimes you just need a little encouragement and new gear will do just that.  At least for me it does. New gear is almost enough to have me infatuated with running again. Almost. Certainly enough to lift my spirits (!) and get me out on the road.

First let me say this. I am not an awesome runner. I’m a sometimes runner.  I like to run. But running is hard for me. I don’t run 12 miles at a time, 4 days per week. If you are one of those runners, you may not want to listen what I have to say about running bras.

Secondly, it is unlikely that anyone would describe me as ah umm… “busty.”  My barely Bs do just fine in a typical sports bra. I don’t need extra support, which this little number has. And lots of it. It may be just the thing to keep your double Ds in place – but I wouldn’t know about that.

Anyway, with all that said, I know what I like and what I don’t like.

I don’t like to be pushed into a uniboob, I don’t like to be flattened either. I hate sharp or picky seams. (Really don’t they check for picky things at the factory?)  I don’t normally like adjustable straps — only because the hooks and clips dig into my skin. Of course, fit then becomes a problem. I don’t like buckles that dig in to my back, or straps that dig into my shoulders. The red welts are not so sexy.

I also know that after 2 kids and the fact that I am at an age I prefer to not talk about, I want minimal bounce. This may be a last-ditch effort to help keep things where they are, and it could be somewhat fruitless, but humour me while I do what I can to maintain the status quo.

This bra will keep the girls where they belong and I mean it. And it kept me comfy and cool as cucumber. It’s comfortable and really, there is no bounce. No bounce.

Love at first run.

Fit Friday: Running gear running gear fitness clothing

What’s the happiest thing you ever found in your mail box?