I need to talk about fitness, or my lack of, for a bit. I’ve been slacking something terrible. Really terrible. I have goals, aspirations even. But I have done just about squat all about them.

It’s May in case you hadn’t noticed and I have yet to get into the groove of some sort of regular running schedule.

Ok – maybe it’s not been that bad. I have managed to get back to the gym a couple of times of week over the last few months, and I have logged some miles on the treadmill too. This is good. I’m proud. I feel good. But – we’re talking maybe 3 workouts per week? This hardly qualifies as a fitness regime.

Can I be serious for a minute? silly bets running marathons health fitness

I could list my excuses for you (okay so I will) … work has been busy. I blogged everyday for 30 days. I have 2 kids.

Nevermind. I can do better. Besides I want to be a runner.

What is it about running?

I’m not in love with running. But I love that my Runkeeper account says “I’m a runner”. It makes me feel like I’m an athlete.  So what if the best I can do is a slow 5k. No one ever says “I’m a fitness class goer” or an “Exercise video doer.” (Remember when we used to call it aerobics? oh jeezz ….I think I just dated myself back to the late eighties – yikes!).

So after thinking about this for a while, I’ve decided to take some action. Admittedly, sometimes the action I take doesn’t always make sense – at least on the surface. Bear with me for a minute.

I’ve signed up for the Joggermom Marathon.

I’ll let that settle in your mind for a minute.

Pretty awesome right?

Yep! I’m going to run a marathon —- the only way I know how—- one.mile.at.a.time (hehe).

I have until May 31 to cover 26.2 miles.

Here is how I’m doing so far:

  • May 6: 2.5 miles
  • May 8: 2.4 miles
  • May 9: 1.1 mile on treadmill
  • May 10: 2.6 miles
  • Total so far: 8.6 miles, 17.6 remaining.

I officially registered for this event hoping that my $15 fee will help keep me accountable. I’m an accountant, so you think that money would be motivating for me.  But it rarely is. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m surprisingly frivolous with my money. Hence this blog post. Putting this commitment here in writing is far more likely to keep me going than my $15. So here it is. I’ll keep you posted every Friday.