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I come across stuff all the time I want to share with you…. then I forget all about it… only to later sit in front of my computer wondering what to post about. Go figure!  I found a little inspiration today so I thought I pass some of these little gems on….

From Healthy Girls Kitchen: Going from SAD to ETL

Wendy has been talking about how to get started eating healthy and how she maintains her lifestyle.  I love this type of post. It reminds us that we are all human and we all have the same struggles and you don’t have to eat perfectly 100% to eat well. I believe there is fine line between striving for perfection and disordered eating. Personally, my diet is far from perfect. And I certainly do not try to be perfect – perfectly vegan or vegetarian or healthy, whatever that means. I appreciate that Wendy talks about navigating food with family and friends and day-to-day imperfection. Perfection is not possible, and working towards your healthy goals is just that – work. Constant work.

You know, there is always debate in my head about how much to tell people about how we eat. Do I tell them how a wish I ate 100% of the time or tell them about my lowest/lazy standard. Maybe I’m just afraid they won’t want to eat with me because they are afraid of my food…… which leads me to this new book I just bought. (The story in the introduction brought me here. You know that feeling of “Wow that was really good for “vegetarian” food” – yeah that! Well, I’ve got high hopes for this book….)

Blog stalking vegetarian food vegetarian school food news links health food

I haven’t cooked anything in it yet, but I’ve got little “stickies” all over the place. So many recipes, so little time.  *sigh*

From I Eat Asphalt a post – New Standards for School Food

Despite that I’m in Canada, this article got me thinking about changes on this side of the border. In Ontario there has been some recent changes to school food as well.  Specifically food that is provided by the school – vending machines or otherwise sold by the school, think fundraisers, canteens or hot school lunch days.  When I was a kid we would have Hot Dog Days – a hot dog, a small bag of chips and a pop for a dollar or two. Much fun, and it happened only a few times per year.  These days my kids have the opportunity to buy a hot lunch every Thursday (for anywhere from $4 to $7, can you say inflation!) Hot Dogs are still included as is pizza, pasta and hamburgers, (yeah, you could probably guess my kids go without most of the time).

Regardless, since the new rules I expected more healthful options. This has not been the case. My daughter ate cheese pizza no less than 6 times in the first month of school. Come on, Really! – I would be happy if they just offered a pizza with a bit of broccoli on it or a side salad with the pasta. Not only that, but sub day is out  – likely because of the sodium in the processed meat and cheese options and I can’t blame them for that, but – there is processed meat on the pepperoni pizza and my kids miss out on a healthful all veggie sub.  How a cheese pizza is healthier than an all veggie sub boggles my mind. Nevermind the pepperoni. (love that phrase – “nevermind the pepperoni” – that’s awesome!)

In my mind, the problem is not that healthier options are not available, it is that adults are afraid that vegetables will not appeal to kids. There is an assumption that kids won’t eat a veggie pizza or a salad. So the sauce on a pizza offers a serving of vegetables and gets a passing grade. While I applaud the efforts to reduce sodium and increase whole grains, I’m frustrated by the lack of variety offered to kids.  Schools should provide opportunities for kids to experience new things – new foods included. Anyway, while the place is different, the story is very much the same……

Unfortunately, Congress block several provisions and decided that pizza is a vegetable.

I’m sure you have heard enough about the arsenic in the baby formulas, but here is the link if you missed the news.  I’m still debating about what to do with the jar of Organic Brown Rice Syrup in my cupboard.  I just bought the thing – darn it. It’s not cheap.