This post is a bit late in the game – yes, I am fully aware that it now February.  January is a blur for me career-wise.  I’m used to this, so I don’t usually plan to start something new in January. No new diets, fitness plans or other New Year’s resolutions.  You see, I know that by January 15 I will be so stressed out by work and trying to keep a “resolution” I will totally fall apart into a puddle of tears and “I can’t do it all.”  The only resolving I’ve resolved to do happened a long time ago when I promised I wouldn’t put my husband through that again.

So….  February has settled into a comfortable pace and January ended without a breakdown.  And meanwhile, in blogland, I’m very pleased at the new interest my little blog has generated. It’s getting some new, albeit limited, attention.  I like it.

When I started blogging I had no focus, no purpose and I really did not understand what I was doing.   Blog Resolutions 2012 (a.k.a. the "why I blog" post) writing resolutions blogs blogging

In the past 3 years I’ve learned a few things about blogging and about myself.  This all leads to a few resolutions for my blog in 2012 – but before we get there, first, you are going to have to read a list of things I’ve learned while blogging….

  • The reason I’ve never been able to keep a diary is because no one read it.  I know many people feel peace and satisfaction from keeping a personal and private diary. But for me, writing is pointless if not shared with someone. Even if that is just one other person.  If you know me personally, you know that I am a very quiet and introverted person. I don’t say much. Bhuuut, if I go to the trouble of saying something it’s because I think it is important so you better listen.
  • I can be too serious sometimes and this is not fun to read – it’s not particularly fun for me to read after the fact either.
  • I like making lists (I already knew that, but I like typing a list and posting it for all to see more than just making a list).
  • My regular diet is pretty boring.  So while I would love to blog about food all day, everyday, if I tried to do one of those “what i ate today” blogs we all would have stop reading 4 days in.  So when I post a recipe it’s usually something new and exciting to me – not necessarily what I eat everyday.
  • I get really excited about good oatmeal
  • More so about good soup
  • I have found soup comes in more varieties than oatmeal
  • I don’t like following the rules and I don’t like following recipes either.
  • Pictures make blogging so much better – for all of us.  Why read a post about food if you can’t see the food?  However, there is nothing worse than a really bad food photo – think greasy diner menu scary – I’ve posted a few of those and I’m sorry.
  • Taking photos of food is far harder than I could have ever possibly imagined.  Naively I thought people took pictures of their food just before they sat down to eat it.  Did you know this is not the case? Eye-opening moment for me when I realized that these other bloggers just didn’t “happen to have” gorgeous tableware and eating areas – they actually had to work at making the food, the setting and the lighting just right. I did not think food would be a hard thing to take a picture of — I mean, it doesn’t move.  But it’s hard, really hard.
  • I like taking pictures of food, and I want to get better at it.  I need a real camera.
  • I like using punctuation when I write  , “– : ; !
  • Bloggers don’t bite.  They are a bunch of really nice people who just want to share their stuff. They check out your posts in hopes you will check out their own.  No need to be intimidated here.
  • I like reading other blogs, it’s far more entertaining than reality TV – although there is a reality TV element.  I like reading the personal stuff, more so than the technical stuff. My favourite blogs are those where you feel like you are actually talking to the person writing. And the ones that are makemespitmycoffeeallovermykeyboard funny.
  • So with that, I have a simple resolution for my blog in the upcoming year.  Now, I’m not going to promise to post more often or to take better pictures.  Nope – I don’t want to be unrealistic.

Instead I would like to Focus – or really refocus.  This blog is about balance – not just in food, but all things that are important to me.  If you look back at the beginning, I wrote about working and kids, feeding them and keeping g them healthy. I’ve written about running and diets and why I eat what I eat.  I’ve written about working and working out, being a mom and having a career. I’ve written about good food and bad food.  Eating and cooking.

So with that, I am going to post more often about what inspires me.  There is so much that inspires me to eat, to cook,  to keep running, to learn, to get a new camera, to write, to play, to laugh, to repaint my kitchen. So I’m going to share these things with you, because well, I like my blog readers and I think you will like what I have to share.   And don’t worry, I hereby resolve to continue to post recipes.  This post really is not about changing; it’s a reminder – this is the “why I blog” post.

Why do you blog? What is it about reading blogs that keeps you reading?