So the Detroit Marathon is done.

And this is what happens after

Thanks Megs! This made me laugh – I suppose I wouldn’t be laughing if it was me.

Ahhh… anyway.  I’ve decided that they really should open registration for next year’s event the day of the event.  I swear they would have it sold out that day – 50 % at least!
I just may have signed up right on the spot if I could have.. and if I had working WIFI.

Serious inspiration!

I know I am not the only one that has since attacked their running plan with new goals and a new sense of purpose since Sunday.

Everyone I know, either ran the marathon (or half) or, went for a run Monday. It’s true. Everyone.

I found this chart at  A handy little conversion chart for treadmill runners or road runners switching it up between the two.  When I hear people talk about 10 minute miles I really want to know what that is all about.  Now I know. See this handy-dandy chart tells me that running  6 mph on the treadmill is equivalent to 10 minute miles. I know what that feels like. I can manage that speed for about 400 meters. A bit daunting? yes, very much so. But now I know what I’m working towards!

In case you were wondering, Mr. Cowpernicus ran his marathon in 3:49… which roughly translates to 8 minutes and 50 seconds per mile – or 6.8 miles per hour. Pretty cool, right?

Charts like this make me happy.

If you click the link in the pic, it will take you to where you can download the pdf. I did already and I’ve posted it on my fridge.

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