Hi. I’m Trish. I’m the mom..Let me introduce you.This is us…. two (kinda geeky) professionals with unpredictable work schedules, two (also geeky) kids with some sort of sports practice to go to, a Dad that coaches ev.er.y.thing, training runs, piano lessons, this dog that really, really wants to go for a walk right now, a mountain of laundry, books to read, muffins to bake,,,,episodes of Star Trek to watch …




Welcome to our kitchen. This is where everything happens.A few things we would like you to know:

1) We take food very seriously around here. 

Food is so many things. It is how we connect with each other at the end of the day. It is how we nourish our bodies and our minds. It is how we fuel the next long run or hockey game. It’s how we spend time together. It’s how we teach our kids to live healthy lives, and to appreciate fresh basil and garden tomatoes.

2) We like to know what is in our food.

We try not to take food for granted. At the same time we are not fanatical about making everything from scratch. But we are always thinking about what is in it, where it came from and who made it. Our food is about making honest and informed choices everyday, at every meal, and about where our food comes from.

3) As important as we think food is, we like to keep things simple.

The healthiest diet in the world makes no sense if you don’t have time to make it or if it doesn’t taste good. Life is too short for bad food. And too busy to spend most of it in the kitchen. We like to think we balance practical with health, taste with common sense. We hope you will find some useful tidbits here that make your daily and weekly meal prep easier and less burdensome. We don’t follow a strict diet and we certainly don’t burden ourselves with counting points, calories or fat grams. We eat whole, simple food that tastes good. Period.

4) Most of our recipes are vegetarian.

Most of these recipes are vegetarian. We follow a kind of flexi-vegetarian diet in our home, and despite that year with bacon, I’ve tried to stay true to that style of eating here on the blog. Very occasionally you will find a recipe with fish, seafood or something else in it. But most of the recipes are vegetarian and many are vegan. I’ve always believed that whole plant foods are the healthiest way to eat. Always. We hope to inspire you to appreciate and eat more veggies. You will find lots of recipes for salads, soups and vegetarian mains here. Everything from quick and easy to more complex weekend fare.

5) We love chocolate chip cookies…

…and things filled with peanut butter, or topped with cream cheese icing. Check out our bake category for all things sweet from “really actually truly good for you to the “not so much.”  It’s all about the balance.




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