Hi. I’m Trish and generally I’m too busy to be here.

I started this blog eons ago. At that time this was a journal. A place where I worked out new mom feelings and worries — worries about working too much, not feeding my kids right, not taking care of myself properly and everything in between. Since then my family has grown up and this blog has evolved. And I’ve relaxed – especially about dinner. Now this my place to post my favourite recipes, practice using my camera, and pop in to say “Hi” from time to time.

I’ve stopped worrying about “the balance.” and learned to just go with the flow.

Let me start with this –  I am not a full-time blogger. I write sporadically. Which is kinda how I cook – sometimes. When I have time. When I feel like it. I do not pump out new recipes several times per week. I don’t follow any kind of schedule. I’m not a “good” food blogger. And that is okay with me. During the day I work full-time in a corporate career – I’m an accountant – and this keeps me busy in a more than 9-5 kinda way monday to friday. Often it is more than… Add to this, my family is at that stage where I need a google calendar just to keep track of all the things – after school activities, practices, games, meetings, clubs – and it not surprising I find myself in my kitchen less often than I’d like.

Or maybe, it’s just right. It depends.

So why am I here at all? You might be wondering. Sometimes I wonder myself. I’ve always felt compelled to write. I’m one of those that pick up new, pretty bound notebooks and dream of filling the pages. An online blog makes for less clutter, kinda. I also come from a long line of family cooks. We collect more recipes than we can possibly make and spend our off-time playing in the kitchen. This space pulls these two things together for me very nicely.

My recipes fall into two categories:

  • Healthy pracitcal recipes. Things that I like to eat all the time if I could. You will find soups, salads, big batch grain dishes and quick family dinners in this group.Things that are “grab-n-go” and work well in a packed lunches. Meals that freeze well, are make-ahead or are thrown into the slow-cooker.

and then the other category is exactly the opposite..

  • This is sunday afternoon putzing in the kitchen food. In this group you will find cookies, desserts, muffins, breads and preserves. Things that need an afternoon. Are not quick. Project foods. Here is where I will spend all day on a gluten-free yeasted bread or a red pepper jam. And also special occasion food. I like taking advantage of dessert making opportunities – especially cakes and cheesecakes.

Most of my recipes are vegetarian. Many are vegan. I’ve always believed that whole plant foods are the healthiest way to eat. Always. And I do my best to make sure my family is getting our daily fix of green, fresh things. In an effort to be clear to my readers we follow a kind of flexi-vegetarian diet in our home. We have recovered from that year with bacon and fallen back into a mostly veggie-based way of eating. But occasionally I may share a non-vegetarian recipe. Look away if you must. But know if it is a family favourite. I refuse to follow rules too closely. Whether those rules are about blogging, how often I cook at home or what type of food we eat.


You can connect with me on twitter, facebook and on instagram you will find too many pictures of our family pets.