Lentil Soup with Carrots and Coriander

Soup is what I do when I need a reset foodwise. It feels like, no…. I should say we have been eating non-stop for the last two weeks. Holiday meals, parties, grabbing food at the mall while we finish our shopping. In truth I haven’t spent much time in the kitchen just cooking. I’ve finished a few desserts. Made an app or two to take to a party. I have made many cups of coffee. But just cooking to eat food? making something nourishing? not so much. We spent 3 days in hockey arenas.. yes that is arenas . I have never consumed nor allowed to be consumed so many french fries.

Love Crunch Gingerbread Crunch Bark #feelgoodholiday

Personally, I think this was rather brilliant of me. Something about the spicy gingerbread pieces with bitter sweet dark chocolate. It’s amazing and dead simple. So easy and so good in fact, I have decided to share this treat with just about everyone this holiday… I made some for the family, then a batch for the office potluck, and then decided the kids teachers are getting some too…. and there is that holiday party on the 23rd…

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